Darling Park Tower DP1

The building

The tenancy fit-out of the Darling Park tower DP1 including a single tenant multi-storey internal office fit-out with open plan design. The building design also accommodated multiple interconnected open stair connecting office levels. The state of the art tenancy fit-out was accommodated within 26 storeys of the existing Darling Park Tower 1 (DP1).

The approach

The Commonwealth Bank tenancy fit-out at the Darling Park tower 1 accommodated occupant loadings pre-defined for the unique nature of the tenancy in combination with interconnected floor levels for direct occupant communication between levels. The high occupant loading and transient nature of the occupants linked by internal open stairs interconnecting floor levels resulted in Scientific Fire Services conducting three dimensional fire/smoke and human movement simulations to assess the performance of the existing building fire services and occupant egress provisions.

The strategy employed early detection and alarm systems in order to provide early warning to building occupants. The alarm system was enhanced through state of the art broadband alarm signalling equipment providing occupants directive alarm tones in the event of an emergency fire situation.

Location Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Category Commercial
Value Undisclosed
Completion 2010