photo-services-02Our company has strong links to academia and extensive experience in conducting professional short courses in many areas of fire safety including performance-based fire safety engineering disciplines.

Our continued involvement towards lecturing at tertiary institutions is consistent with our vision to share the knowledge and experience we gather through our professional activities with the fire safety engineering professionals of the future.

We continue to fund excellence awards at the tertiary level for students demonstrating high technical achievement in engineering and project management.

Our company leaders conduct professional short courses in the field of fire safety and risk engineering and related topics delivered to building approval authorities, fire brigades and building industry professionals throughout Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Scientific Fire Services also offer a suite of short seminars aimed at industry professionals in order to enhance and aid facilitation of ‘Continued Professional Development’ (CDP) programs.

The subject areas in which we present lectures include:

  • Smoke and fire modelling
  • Structures in fires
  • Risk analysis and assessment methods
  • Evacuation and human behaviour in fires
  • Performance based building regulations
  • Fire safety risk engineering methodologies
  • Building fire safety auditing
  • Project management