photo-team-2015Our team is made up of a talented group of professionals from diverse backgrounds in science, engineering and management expertise. They form a creative, innovative and energetic team capable of analysing highly complex fire safety risk engineering designs. At the core of the team at Scientific Fire Services is a group of dedicated people committed to partnering and assisting our valued clients.

Mahmut B. N. Horasan – Director, Principal

Parkan Behayeddin – Director, Principal

Russell Kilmartin – Director, Principal

Derya Horasan – Senior Fire Safety Engineer

Kenny Leong – Senior Fire Safety Engineer

Kapilan Sarma – Fire Safety Engineer

Andrew Barnett – Fire Safety Engineer

Arshdeep Singh – Fire Safety Engineer

James Whittem – Graduate Fire Safety Engineer

Elhossein Elgizawy – Graduate Fire Safety Engineer

Amy Chin – Administration Manager

Monica Zammit – Accounts and Technical Support