New Brighton Hotel

The building

The New Brighton Hotel is a heritage listed building located at the corner of The Corso and Sydney Road, Manly NSW. The building is a Class 9b assembly building which comprises of gaming, bar and lounge area facilities throughout. As part of the substantial upgrade works, the roof level was renovated to be utilised as a terrace. The building has a rise in storey of four (4) and also includes a basement level.

The approach

Scientific Fire Services has undertaken a performance based assessment of the New Brighton Hotel to permit a stairway connecting up to four (4) levels and a glazed lift shaft connecting up to five (5) levels without the provision of a fire rated shaft. The fire safety strategy also encapsulated rationalisation of Fire Resistance Level’s (FRL’s) and evaluation of occupant egress performance.

The Scientific Fire Services team of engineers conducted a robust life safety analysis using comprehensive three dimensional fire and smoke modelling (CFD) and emergency evacuation simulation modelling (Simulex 3.0) to substantiated safe evacuation of the building and fire brigade intervention. The project was successfully delivered by the Scientific Fire Services team of engineers and construction was completed in 2011.

Location Manly, New South Wales, Australia
Completion 2011