Cimitiere House

The building

The Cimitiere House building is Tasmania’s first commercial project to be certified as a 5 green star energy rated building. The five (5) storey building is located at 113 Cimitiere Street, Launceston TAS. The building comprises a net lettable area of approximately 4600m2 providing retailing and car parking at street level and office accommodation in the levels above.

The approach

Scientific Fire Services applied a performance based approach to the unique design issues of the Cimitiere House in order to preserve the architectural intent and design. The fire engineering analysis evaluated number design issues including rationalisation of fire resistance levels, analysis of occupant egress provisions and analysis of the central atrium design.

The fire engineering solution has satisfied the building fire code performance requirements and the green star energy efficiency rating scheme. The building design incorporated a mixture of mechanical louvers and windows for natural ventilation which were employed as art of the fire safety strategy. A simple yet sophisticated smoke hazard management system was the central active fire safety measure that allowed the design to achieve life safety performance criteria.

Location Tasmania, Australia
Completion 2009