Food Processing Facility

The building

The Food Processing Facility is situated in Erskine Park NSW, approximately 50km west of Sydney’s CBD. The Large Isolated Building comprises an overall floor area of 21,000m2. The Food Processing Facility was specifically designed to prepare, package and label bulk quantities of retail ready red meat & poultry products.

The approach

The fire safety strategy was developed considering liaison with Fire and Rescue NSW and adopted evaluation of occupant egress performance, analysis of essential fire services and rationalisation of smoke hazard management systems to conditioned spaces. The Scientific Fire Services team of engineers conducted life safety analysis using comprehensive fire/smoke modelling as well as evacuation simulation modelling to demonstrate acceptance of the fire and life safety criteria for both building occupants and attending fire-fighter personnel. This project was successfully delivered and construction was completed in 2015.

Location Erskine Park, New South Wales, Australia
Completion 2015