Gold Coast Light Rail

The building

Part of the greater Gold Coast light rail project, the Depot building and the Gold Coast University Hospital Station were the key focus of Scientific Fire Services’ risk engineering assessment.

The Gold Coast University Hospital station forms part of the light rail system along the coast which connects Helensvale to the north to Coolangatta airport to the south. The entire light rail link forms part of the overall GoldLinQ strategic objective. The project represented key challenges with respect to the nature and use of the building.

The depot building accommodates the rolling stock for routine scheduled maintenance activities by maintenance staff. The work areas of the building are located at high level in the form of raised platform work areas as well as sub-floor maintenance pits.

The Gold Coast University Hospital Station is located beneath the public roadway offering direct access and egress to the newly completed Gold Coast University Hospital. The station has a short eastern portal and a longer western portal all within an underground environment terminating at the station.

The approach

Sophisticated fire and smoke spread modelling and detail risk analyses methods were employed to analyse the fire risks within the depot building. Similarly comprehensive occupant movement modelling was conducted using three dimensional human movement simulations in order to measure the occupant egress system performance under extreme occupant loading.

Location Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Completion 2014