Kennett Home, Hillcrest Village

The building

The Kennett Home, Hillcrest Village site consists of Independent Living Units, office, car parking and aged care occupancy classifications which is representative of a typical modern aged care facility. The Kennett Home extension project comprises staff training facilities, meeting rooms, ancillary utility rooms, accommodation units distributed around the site with car parking facilities located on the east side of the site. The sloping nature of the site enabled the architects to take full advantage of the priceless waterside views.

The approach

A functional, safe and cost effective building solution was devised incorporating a combination of performance based design strategies. Due to the location of the Commons building and proximity to adjacent buildings, flame projection, radiant heat transfer analysis together with human movement calculations were used to demonstrate effective fire and life safety performance for occupants and fire fighters.

Location Stanwell Park, New South Wales, Australia
Completion 2014