La Trobe University

The building

The construction of the La Trobe University’s new $100 Million 624 bed student accommodation buildings designed by JCB Architects has been completed. The two (2) buildings include single, four, five and six-bed apartments including 13 accessible units and shared amenities spaces. The new buildings (six and seven storeys) represents the largest single project investment in the La Trobe University’s 50 year history and is the largest mass timber project in Victoria (circa 2020) utilising 4,500 cubic metres of Cross laminated Timber (CLT) and GluLam timber. A showpiece for natural and new, wall sections of the CLT and Glulam members were exposed within the buildings to highlight the warm aesthetics of timber within common areas and apartments. The fire safety strategy gave the designers the ability to confidently create the strong, durable, fire resistant structure taking advantage of the significant insulating properties of the mass timber and its inherent performance against fire. Much of the construction was prefabricated off-site and constructed noise free within the campus grounds by Multiplex Constructions. The student accommodation buildings represent another successful mass timber project delivered by the Scientific Fire Services team.

Location Victoria
Completion 2020